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Are you looking to improve your English either for professional,or personal reasons? If you answer yes to these two questions and your aim is to improve your English for business, study, or personal development, then you should contact me.
My name is Douglas Papworth I'm a private English teacher based in Central London and I can help you overcome your problems with English by identifying exactly where those problems are and in a relaxed working atmosphere offer you ways to solve them. I can help you prepare for the IELTS exam and make sure you get the best possible band score.

Douglas the private English teacher is based in Central London just a 3 minute walk from the new St Pancras international train station, the capitals brightest new railway station next to King's cross railway station. This part of London is well connected with other parts of London and in time will be one of the hottest places in London as it is being regenerated.

The First Lesson

This is where I can make an assessment of the level of English you have and we can discuss what you would mainly like to focus on during your lessons. There is no pressure on you whatsoever to continue with the English lessons after this if you don't want to. Special deals are available for groups; the bigger the group, the more cost effective it is per person.


The location is up to you. I can go to your home, or I can visit you at your place of work, or we can even meet in a less formal place such as a café, or we can have the lesson in ‘The British Library’ just a few minutes from where I’m based, If you decide that you would like to come to me for the lesson, then the price per hour will be cheaper. I have helped many people as a private English teacher over the years. I taught in South America in Brazil, working for some Multinational companies based in Porto Alegre. Over the years I have helped many students better their English as a private English teacher operating now in London, this has given me much pleasure and has brought me in contact with people from all different backgrounds from around the world and this is one of the many reasons why I enjoy working as a private English teacher. I am now offering a (personal English teacher program) for those who want to know more about this amazing city in which I live and teach English lessons in. 

Preparation for IELTS

I am currently preparing students for the IELTS exam in small groups. There will be 3 classes running every day 5 days a week from 09:30 - 20:00 each class will be for 2 hours, these lessons will be held in King's cross WC1 just a 5 minute walk from the station.

If you think it would be better for you to study intensively, you can come every day Monday - Friday for 2 hours a day, or you can select the day and time which suits you best and do less hours however most students tend to benefit more by committing themselves to the intensive lessons.

You can enrol for the 6 hour class if you wish and select what day suits you best.

Which ever way you choose to study for the IELTS you can be sure of the best tutoring you can expect from a well trained teacher who has helped many student’s go on to achieve results as high as 7.5.

You can read more here about IELTS course London and how you can benefit from IELTS preparation.

Our teaching method

The IELTS course aims are to allow students to:

    •    become familiar with the format of the IELTS exam
    •    improve their exam technique
    •    practice the kind of questions they will have to answer in the exams
    •    take practice exam papers
    •    receive constructive feedback to increase their chances of success

Course design

    •    A course book is used every day in class. It is very important for students to buy this course book as it provides the basis of the course.
    •    The course books chosen for this course are always focused on the IELTS exam.
    •    There is regular exam practice. This may take the form of one whole paper from the exam or a sample of questions.
    •    Supplementary materials are also used to add variety and consolidate the course book- based work.
    •    Teachers often set homework for this course. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments. The IELTS exam are challenging and students must be prepared to devote plenty of time to private study if they wish to achieve their target score.
    •    Every week there is revision of the work done in the previous week. As we operate a continuous enrolment system, new students join the class all of the time. By revising functions, tenses and lexis, new students are not left behind. We also believe that revision and reinforcement are necessary learning tools.
    •    Who is the IELTS course for?
    •    Foreign students who wish to study at a British university usually need to attain an IELTS score before they are accepted onto the course. Some professional organisations in the UK also require foreign practitioners whose first language is not English to achieve an IELTS score of 7.5.

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